Goals to Consider When Creating a Marketing Strategy

Posted on 04 February 2021 (0)

Life is full of decisions to be made and in most cases, you will need to be fully prepared to make the best decision. The same can be said about a towing service business or any other business. When running a campaign for your business, you will not just be executing a campaign for the sake of it. You must be prepared to justify what you spend and why you spend your dollars there.

Marketers who set goals have 10 times more chances of reaching success as compared to those who don’t. Goals are there to help in providing clarity, purpose, direction as well as vision. Whether personal or commercial, they are what will help you and lead you to the much-needed success for your business. Hitting your goals will prove that you are making an impact on what you are working on.

When it comes to marketing, here are the most important goals you need to focus on;

Increase Brand Awareness

Your company will have a market to conquer, or a product to launch. Whichever the goal is, your primary focus involves increasing the awareness of your brand, so that your company is always on top of the list when customers are looking for a specific solution. Every brand has a personality, which is basically the human voice that is shaped by the tone you command. When marketing your business, you will also want to create brand awareness.

Generate high-quality leads

Your sales department will depend on a consistent stream of leads to help in nurturing and turning them into new customers. You will not be the only source of leads, but your colleagues in sales will highly depend on the efforts laid by marketing teams in generating high quality leads for your business. You will need to monitor the type of leads you generate. You will need to analyze trends across the leads who eventually turn into customers. Create goals and custom reports as well as customized dashboards to help you along the way.

Grow and Maintain Thought Leadership

It doesn’t matter what industry you are involved in, but being recognized as an expert in your field is key to providing a high level of knowledge and credibility in everything you do. Thought leadership involves customers recognizing your brand and the people behind your business. Brand awareness involves different strategies coming together to ensure your brand is heard, seen, and well recognized. To develop thought leadership, ensure you publish and share content that inspires your audience and speaks to their pain points.

Increase Customer Value

The marketing conversation has now moved from simply generating a new business. Today, it is more important than ever that you delight your existing customers and work on strategies to grow your customer base. When you have happy customers, they will work to ensure they push your business ahead through word of mouth. Your main goal should be to retain and grow your existing customers. Ensure you have visibility over each customer including what they have bought and related products they may need in the future.

Key Components of a Killer Customer Marketing Strategy

Posted on 11 November 2020 (0)

It can be easy to see marketing as a process that is specific to attracting and converting prospects, but that is not always the case. Businesses such as Roof Installation Fredericksburg see marketing differently and understand it takes more than just creating a simple marketing plan, for everything to work. Your current customer base presents a perfectly lucrative market of business opportunities you should constantly look into, and tap to get the best out of your business.

Customer marketing is any kind of marketing effort that is tailored towards creating an appeal to existing customers as opposed to new prospects. It normally happens to market additional products to your established customer base to retain customers and foster customer loyalty.

Customer marketing involves the art of building customer loyalty and enthusiasm with the hope that those elements will ultimately translate to new business. New businesses could mean anything, including existing customers buying new products and services as you continue developing them.  It could also mean current customers upgrading the products they have been using and leveraging your latest products.

Here are a couple of tips for achieving a successful customer-driven marketing strategy.

Leverage buyer personas and segment your customers

This aspect applies to virtually every kind of marketing, so a customer-driven marketing strategy is no exception. In case you want to come up with an email campaign to support your customer-driven marketing efforts, you could refer to your midsize business decision-maker persona for guidance on the appropriate messaging and specific contacts on line. That way, all your customer marketing efforts will be adequately targeted.

Provide exemplary customer service

Two of the most important components of a customer-driven marketing strategy involves garnering customer loyalty through exemplary customer service. The experience you leave on your customers will have a long and lasting impact on the direction your business will take. Investing in customer service is always a must. You must ensure your customer support infrastructure is very sound. Be responsive and act swift on all customer issues.

Listen and engage with your customers

Customer feedback is at the center of any customer marketing strategy. You will not know what your customers want and expect from your company if you don’t listen to them. If you ignore the thoughts and inputs from your customers, you will be undermining your ability to create an appeal and meaningful interaction with them. Pay careful attention to your customers and keep a note of the way they interact with your brand on social platforms.

Reward Loyalty

It is important to sustain, if not consistently improve on the impressions you leave on your customers. Customer retention needs to be at the heart of any customer driven marketing effort. If you want to keep selling any product or service to your customers, loyalty is a must. Include customer loyalty programs that recognize and reward customers for their efforts in doing business with you. Such programs can be loyalty cards, discounts, coupons, and other efforts.

Guide to Business Credit Score

Posted on 09 September 2020 (0)

As a small business owner, you are more likely aware of the importance of financial management. When it comes to financing a business, it’s very important to understand what we mean by business credit score. Businesses such as Panama tow truck came about as a result of prudent financial management. A business credit score is a measure of how creditworthy business is. Creditors and lenders make use of credit score to evaluate the eligibility of financing a business. The score will vary based on different evaluation methods.

Understanding business credit score

It is important to understand what a good credit score means for businesses. Your score is key to the kind of finances your business can get. It plays a crucial role in the growth and success of your operations. It is different from personal credit score which is tied to your social security number.
A business credit score is calculated in a number of ways. After you start running a business, you will develop business credit based on the financial activities such as how you consistently pay the invoice on time, how you manage your cash flows, and how you manage your business bank accounts. In essence, all your business financial activities will have a history. There are three common methods of calculating a business credit score, which include; Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax.

There are a number of factors that impact your business credit score.

The first is time in business. When your business is brand new, your business credit score will be the lowest because you lack credit. However, this will matter less after your business reaches two years of operation. This is the period banks become more willing to fund you with business loans.

Another factor affecting the credit score is your payment history. Your consistency in paying bills on time and every time is the single most important factor that will impact your business credit score. A single late payment can weigh heavily on your future access to capital. You need to ensure you set up a system that maintains consistent payments from the beginning of your business.
Another important factor is the credit mix. As we have initially said, you can build credit in a number of ways such as using business credit cards, taking out loans, and establishing your trustable trade lines. However, future lenders want to know that you can appropriately manage your finances in a good way given a borrowing situation. This is where credit mix comes in, and will influence your business credit score. If you can take out multiple forms of credit and manage them appropriately, you get a higher credit score.

Additionally, you should ensure there are no mistakes on your credit report. Business credit reporting is not perfect and errors in reporting happen more often than you think. You should ensure there are no errors in your credit reports. Ensure you always have a positive credit report. Manage all finances you get in a good way and pay all your dues on time.

Common Warning Signs of Car Engine Problems

Posted on 22 April 2018 (0)

Car EngineWhen your vehicle is experiencing some problems, it may be difficult to point out the exact issue causing the trouble unless you have prior mechanical or towing expertise. Your car has many systems, but the most important is the engine. The engine is the heart of your vehicles as it gives your vehicle the necessary power it requires to operate correctly. If the engine is damaged, it will have a significant effect on the overall performance of your car.

Let us look at some of the common warning signs of car engine problems.


Check Engine Light Turns On

The dashboard warning lights in your car alert you about problems it detects from the On Board Diagnostics System. If any of these lights turn on, you should not dismiss it. Ignoring these lights could cause more damage to your engine and even other parts over time. Different problems can trigger a check engine warning light. This can happen if oxygen sensor needs to be replaced when the mass-airflow sensor needs to be replaced, among others.


Engine Running Roughly

If you notice your car’s engine is running roughly or inconsistently, then there is a problem brewing. Listen to any sound your engine produces while driving, and if you notice that the engine is struggling, or it has lost its power as the revs increase, then all you need is engine tune-up. Other common solutions may be to replace the spark plugs, check the fuel pressure or replace your engine coils.


Car Making Strange Noises

EngineIf your vehicle is making a strange noise, there is a need to get worried. If your car experiences a knocking noise coming from the bonnet, that can be a sign of a dying engine. This noise can be caused by wear or damage to your engine’s mechanical parts such as the bearing, pistons and other moving parts. If you hear or notice your car has some strange noise coming from the bonnet, the best thing you should do is to take your car to a mechanic.


Car Using More Gas than Normal

If your car is experiencing an increased fuel consumption than normal, it might be a fault relating to your engine. If this abnormal gas usage is coupled with visible check light engine or other engine related problems, what you can do is to have your car checked by a professional mechanic. Other common engine problems include a loss in engine power, smoke coming from your exhaust or smell odors from inside the car.


Basic Automotive Knowledge Every Car Owner Need to Have

Posted on 10 April 2018 (0)

File:Porsche Tire Pressure Gauge (Owning a car is probably one of the best feelings we have all had in our lives. However, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the maintenance of your vehicle to avoid some serious problems. Sometimes we ignore the small things that occur in our cars only to end up becoming serious challenges that will either result in substantial inconvenience or huge costs that were otherwise avoidable. This article discusses some basic automotive knowledge that all car owners should seek to grasp.


Check tire pressure regularly

Maintaining the correct pressure is one of the easiest, yet most ignored basic knowledge. If this aspect is not taken care of, the chances are high that you will be visiting the tire shop sooner than expected. Tires usually wear and tear faster because of unregulated pressure. Besides, the correct pressure increases the economy of fuel and helps the driver o gain better control and handling of the vehicle. Therefore, it is vital, as a car owner, to ensure that understand what is good for your vehicle tires.


Wheel rotation

The rate of wearing of the front and rear tires is quite different due to the different tasks performed y each of them. Besides, a four-wheel drive will experience a higher rate of rear tire wearing as compared to a back wheel drive. It is not advisable to allow the tires to wear out differently; there is a need to change them regularly to allow for uniformity. As a car owner, you should also inspect the tires to find out whether there are any other damages and the presence of uneven tire depth. Consult the car’s manual for the period after which you should be conducting wheel rotation.


Road hazards

road HazardsIt is not advisable to drive fast on rough roads where you will hit speed bumps and other some potholes along the way. Besides, careless driving which results in excessive braking can damage your car in several ways. Ideally, some parts of the car will loosen, making it less efficient. Moreover, you might need to visit the mechanic more often. This will lead to unnecessarily high costs that could otherwise be avoided.


Oil changing

This is probably one of the easiest tasks you will have as a car owner. Changing the oil of your car has several advantages. Firstly, it allows the engine to function at the highest level because all the parts are well-lubricated. Secondly, resistance that results in over-consumption of fuel will be limited, increasing the gas mileage of your vehicle. Lastly, you will avoid unnecessary breakdowns that are caused by old oil. Check the manual of your car to see how long you should take to change the oil, and what type of oil is suitable for your car.


Cleaning the air filter

This is also a simple task that you can do without having to consult the mechanic. The procedure is easy to follow. Cleaning the air filter is vital to allow the engine to function at the required level. It should frequently be done as explained n the user manual.