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Basic Automotive Knowledge Every Car Owner Need to Have

Posted on 10 April 2018 by admin (0)

File:Porsche Tire Pressure Gauge (Owning a car is probably one of the best feelings we have all had in our lives. However, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the maintenance of your vehicle to avoid some serious problems. Sometimes we ignore the small things that occur in our cars only to end up becoming serious challenges that will either result in substantial inconvenience or huge costs that were otherwise avoidable. This article discusses some basic automotive knowledge that all car owners should seek to grasp.


Check tire pressure regularly

Maintaining the correct pressure is one of the easiest, yet most ignored basic knowledge. If this aspect is not taken care of, the chances are high that you will be visiting the tire shop sooner than expected. Tires usually wear and tear faster because of unregulated pressure. Besides, the correct pressure increases the economy of fuel and helps the driver o gain better control and handling of the vehicle. Therefore, it is vital, as a car owner, to ensure that understand what is good for your vehicle tires.


Wheel rotation

The rate of wearing of the front and rear tires is quite different due to the different tasks performed y each of them. Besides, a four-wheel drive will experience a higher rate of rear tire wearing as compared to a back wheel drive. It is not advisable to allow the tires to wear out differently; there is a need to change them regularly to allow for uniformity. As a car owner, you should also inspect the tires to find out whether there are any other damages and the presence of uneven tire depth. Consult the car’s manual for the period after which you should be conducting wheel rotation.


Road hazards

road HazardsIt is not advisable to drive fast on rough roads where you will hit speed bumps and other some potholes along the way. Besides, careless driving which results in excessive braking can damage your car in several ways. Ideally, some parts of the car will loosen, making it less efficient. Moreover, you might need to visit the mechanic more often. This will lead to unnecessarily high costs that could otherwise be avoided.


Oil changing

This is probably one of the easiest tasks you will have as a car owner. Changing the oil of your car has several advantages. Firstly, it allows the engine to function at the highest level because all the parts are well-lubricated. Secondly, resistance that results in over-consumption of fuel will be limited, increasing the gas mileage of your vehicle. Lastly, you will avoid unnecessary breakdowns that are caused by old oil. Check the manual of your car to see how long you should take to change the oil, and what type of oil is suitable for your car.


Cleaning the air filter

This is also a simple task that you can do without having to consult the mechanic. The procedure is easy to follow. Cleaning the air filter is vital to allow the engine to function at the required level. It should frequently be done as explained n the user manual.