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Common Warning Signs of Car Engine Problems

Posted on 22 April 2018 by admin (0)

Car EngineWhen your vehicle is experiencing some problems, it may be difficult to point out the exact issue causing the trouble unless you have prior mechanical or towing expertise. Your car has many systems, but the most important is the engine. The engine is the heart of your vehicles as it gives your vehicle the necessary power it requires to operate correctly. If the engine is damaged, it will have a significant effect on the overall performance of your car.

Let us look at some of the common warning signs of car engine problems.


Check Engine Light Turns On

The dashboard warning lights in your car alert you about problems it detects from the On Board Diagnostics System. If any of these lights turn on, you should not dismiss it. Ignoring these lights could cause more damage to your engine and even other parts over time. Different problems can trigger a check engine warning light. This can happen if oxygen sensor needs to be replaced when the mass-airflow sensor needs to be replaced, among others.


Engine Running Roughly

If you notice your car’s engine is running roughly or inconsistently, then there is a problem brewing. Listen to any sound your engine produces while driving, and if you notice that the engine is struggling, or it has lost its power as the revs increase, then all you need is engine tune-up. Other common solutions may be to replace the spark plugs, check the fuel pressure or replace your engine coils.


Car Making Strange Noises

EngineIf your vehicle is making a strange noise, there is a need to get worried. If your car experiences a knocking noise coming from the bonnet, that can be a sign of a dying engine. This noise can be caused by wear or damage to your engine’s mechanical parts such as the bearing, pistons and other moving parts. If you hear or notice your car has some strange noise coming from the bonnet, the best thing you should do is to take your car to a mechanic.


Car Using More Gas than Normal

If your car is experiencing an increased fuel consumption than normal, it might be a fault relating to your engine. If this abnormal gas usage is coupled with visible check light engine or other engine related problems, what you can do is to have your car checked by a professional mechanic. Other common engine problems include a loss in engine power, smoke coming from your exhaust or smell odors from inside the car.