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How to Clean Your Car’s Air Filter

Posted on 08 December 2017 by admin (0)

air filterIf your car air filter is dirty, consider is useless. It is like having none. It is important always to ensure that your air cleaner stays in the best condition for it to function properly, else you risk a car breakdown, which can result to towing your car. There is no specific period at which it should be cleaned. It depends on where you are driving your vehicle; if the road is dusty, you may be required to frequently do it compared to a tarmacked road. Moreover, always consult your owner’s manual to know when you should do it specifically for your car. The following are five ways and steps to cleaning your car’s air filter.


Washing or vacuuming

There are two major ways of cleaning your air filter. You can wash by using a cleaning solution like a concentrated detergent like soap. One advantage of this method is that it makes the filter cleaner than any other method. However, it will take you more time, and if you return it wet, it can damage the engine. The second one is by vacuuming the filter. Even though it is not the cleanest method, it is relatively fast and has no harm to the system. Therefore, you make your choice depending on what you need for your car.


Start by Locating and Removing the Filter

You need to consult your manual to know where the filter of your car is located. If you do not have it, search on the internet or inquire from your mechanic during the servicing of your car. Normally, it is not hard to find it because most of the cars have their filters in a little canister. You can either open with a wing nut or use several clamps to remove it. When you see it, just pull it out.


Clean the filter

CleanIf your choice is to wash it, dip the filter in a bucket that has a soapy solution. After that, swish it for some seconds and put it out. Then, shake it vigorously to remove as much water as possible and try to dry it with a towel. It is paramount to let it dry completely because, if it is returned to the engine when it is still wet, it will likely damage it by bringing a corrosion effect. For those who like vacuuming, run the cleaner over the filter. This should take you about one minute. Repeat the process on the other side. Then, remove anything which has remained on the outside.

Clean the Canister

If you only clean your filter and leave the canister dirty, you have most likely done nothing. This is because it will most likely contaminate the clean filter. Therefore, it is important to clean it using a soft cloth. If you use a wet towel, ensure that it dries completely before returning the filter.

Replace your filter

After both the canister and filter are dry, it is time to return the latter to its former position. Typically, reverse the same process that you used to open remove it. It is worth noting that, if you want to change your filter, use the same process, but leave out the cleaning.