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Most Overlooked Services that Could Extend the Life of Your Car

Posted on 10 December 2017 by admin (0)

DifferentialToo often we are engaged in work and family issues that we ignore some car care services that could have helped extend the life of our cars. We concentrate on the most common tips such as oil changing, tyre rotations, and brake maintenance. We eventually find our cars in almost irreversible conditions for small things we could have done but overlooked them. The following are 5 of the most neglected services in car maintenance.


Differential Service

The differential is one of the most overlooked areas, even though its impact on life extension of the car cannot be understated. Ideally, the differential is responsible for transferring the input directly from the transmission to the car wheels. Some car models that are front wheel drive tend to incorporate this element into their transmission, while others have separate units. However, nearly all vehicles that are rear wheel drive tend to come with a rear differential. The rear end housing hosts both the differential and the rear axle. Sometimes, there is a breakdown of the gear oil, and this reduces the viscosity and its capacity to keep the differential lubricated. Therefore, it is important to service the transfer case plus the differential to avoid their damage.

Transmission Service

When the transmission is left for about 100,000 miles unchecked, it could spell a recipe for the breakdown of the vehicle. Therefore, it is not advisable to allow it stay for this long without checking for any malfunctions. Always make sure to follow the manual which explains how to change the transmission fluid and filter. Additionally, it is important always to change the level of the transmission fluid whenever you are changing the engine oil. When you notice that fluid is dark in color or appeared as if it is burnt, it normally indicates that your transmission is overheated.


Coolant System

coolantMost vehicle engines are cooled with water. For this reason, the water might cause several maladies such as rust and electrolysis which result in coolant degradation. This can lead to some parts being broken and cracks blocks. The ultimate effect is the overheating of the engine. It is advisable to ensure that the system is flushed with fresh fluid.


Air Conditioning

The AC mostly switches off during extreme heat or cold. Avoiding this problem through basic tips is easy. Ideally, there is oil in the compressor that helps lubricate all the moving parts. Normally, most people use the AC during the summer. So, this problem is common during this time where the oil drains away. It is important to switch on the AC at least 20 minutes every month to keep it active.


Brake Service

The brake fluid has the capacity to absorb water from the atmosphere because it is hydroscopic in nature. The reservoir is not sealed like the hydraulic system. Thus, the water pulled from the outside can cause corrosion in the internal parts which could lead to the damage of the brake system. Always replace the old fluid with a new one.